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Where ever underground structures are present, there is the potential for water infiltration. Whether it's running water into manhole structures and chambers which can add additional flows to sewerage systems and overloaded pump and treatment plants, or ground water infiltration into utility chambers for telecommunications or hydroelectric which can cause damage to live utilities. We offer a full range of Hydrophilic grouts and waterstop products. With over 30 years experience, our supplier has built a strong presence as the leading polyurethane grout manufacturer in the world. Cutting edge technologies and dedicated contractor support team have proven invaluable to success and the success of our customers. ASC Trenchless Technologies is able to offer environmentally friendly, water activated, polyurethane grouting systems that have high chemical resistance properties and are NSF 61 certified for use in potable water systems as well as sewerage systems.

  • 1 Manholes

    Inflow and infiltration (I and I) studies have shown that over 50% of the ground and surface water that enters a municipal sewer system does so through manholes. This I and I greatly increases the effluent volume, thereby raising treatment costs. Groundwater carries fine soils into collection systems reducing flow capacity and leaving exterior voids around manholes, eventually leading to sink holes, roadway collapse, and even catastrophic system failure.

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  • 2 Probe Grouting

    Probe grouting offers a targeted and effective method to solve infiltration or soil stabilization problems around pipes, manholes and culverts. Whether your issue is three feet below the surface or thirty, probe pipes can be driven through the soils to allow delivery of repair materials directly to the trouble area.....

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  • Storm Pipes

    and Culverts

    Supply of Repair Kits is increasingly becoming more popular for those seeking to carry out a Sectional Lining on a broken drain pipes. Our Point Repair supplies are available in a modular format with options on what type of pipe lining resin and what type of fiber glass reinforcement. .

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  • Main Line

    Rehabilitation of sewer lines and laterals with chemical grout and remote packers is a cornerstone of infrastructure repair. As communities become increasingly knowledgeable about the environmental impact of infrastructure repair materials, the need for “greener” and “safer” grouts is growing...

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  • and Laterals

    We supply several proven alternatives to acrylamide-based grouts. These grouts have long been industry staples in European countries and are rapidly gaining market share in North America....

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